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MoST Preparations: Submission Formatting and Topics

We’ve discussed receiving submissions for the conferences we’ve held. Today, we share the sort of formats and submissions that we are always looking out for. As always, our conferences are geared toward bringing together researchers, practitioners, and developers of mobile systems. Our goal is to provide an area in which we may all further explore the precepts of mobile security and its vulnerabilities.

In the interest of future preparation, we’ll be sharing the categories and requirements for submission entries. We accept both short (2-4 pages) and long (10 pages maximum) papers. To provide you an example, for the 2014 MoST conference, the submissions we received touched upon the topics of:

  • Privacy
  • Vulnerabilities of cloud storage
  • Secured communication networks
  • The economic impact of security and privacy tech
  • Operating systems

The other topics that MoST 2014 aimed to discuss are: device hardware, middleware, secure app development tools and practices, usable security, identity and access control, specialized applications, secure apps and application markets.

img1 - MoST Preparations: Submission Formatting and Topics

The papers which were accepted were all published online in the workshop proceedings. It is to be noted that we strictly enforce that submissions must be original and cannot be simultaneously submitted to other journals or conferences.

We believe in impartial review. As such, we always request that papers are formatted to suit anonymous review. Papers must have no author names or affiliations presented on the title page. The author must always be careful to avoid revealing who they are through any of the passages of their findings. When referring to previous works or findings, it is required to refer to them as if they were done by someone else. We expect strict compliance. Papers that do not adhere to this are immediately rejected without review.

If you are interested in submitting any papers for any of our workshops or conferences, allow us now to discuss page limits and formatting.

Short Submissions: Short paper submissions must not exceed four pages.
Long Submissions: Long papers must not exceed ten pages. This shall include all references and appendices.

We require submissions be formatted for US letter size paper. Margins are set at ¾ on all sides. All text shall be formatted in a two-column layout. These columns are not to be more than 9 inches in height and 3 inches in length. All text must be in the font of Times New Roman. We encourage those who aim to submit their works to make use of the IEEE conference proceeding templates.

img2 - MoST Preparations: Submission Formatting and Topics

Once you are satisfied with your discourse, it’ll be time to submit. All submissions must be in PDF form and error free.  For our 2014 conference, the submission deadline was by March 10th. We’ve been fortunate to have IBM Research’s Kapil Singh as our program chair. We’ve had the pleasure of having program committee members that come from establishes tech companies and universities.

Every MoST conference aims to build the network of those greatly interested in bettering everyone’s mobile security. We should strive to work together.

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