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MoST 2017: Mobile Security Technologies 2017

We now catch up to our very recent MoST conference! Join us as we discuss the conference that was held just this May at The Fairmont Hotel in California. We’ve been at this a while and we’re still going strong!

Since 2012, we’ve been proving a think tank for practitioners, researchers, and developers of mobile systems. They gather to explore the latest concepts and advances in the field of mobile security, privacy, and application. We’ve gathered quite the submission batch this year!

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For this year’s conference, we were honored to have Dan Wallach as our keynote speaker. He has an M.A. and PhD from Princeton University. He is presently a professor in the Departments of Computer Science and Computer Engineering and a Rice Scholar at the Baker Institute for Public Police at Rice University. Wallach’s research touches upon the topics of computer security which include electronic voting systems. As you may infer, this is quite crucial in ensuring that the true voice of democracy is heard and applied. Wallach spoke about “What, exactly, is different or new about mobile security?” His take on the topic is timely and relevant. While there have been major advancements in mobile security, the vulnerabilities have evolved as well. Having a clear refresher on what we have all accomplished through the years a great starting point for future generations of experts.

Like how we’ve looked back to the past conferences we’ve done, Wallach pinpoints where we can all still improve.

We also invited Earlence Fernandes to give a talk. Mr. Fernandes is a security researcher for “The Internet of Things”. He holds a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Michigan. The concept of ‘the Internet of things’ refers to the smart home applications that control appliances and even home security. He spoke about “Internet of Things Security: What, Why, and How”.

As more and more users are now fully integrating a smart system into their homes, it is ever more crucial that mobile device security is bolstered with better defense systems and software. The dangers of getting your home hacked are terrifying; smart systems also include locking mechanisms, security cameras, and HVAC systems.

In 2016, there has been an alarming rate of compromised home security systems in smart homes. It is important that we all address how ready we are for an integrated system. While convenience is good, is it worth sacrificing everything else? What fail safe practices are available for smart home systems?

Experts work round the clock to effectively identify and isolate vulnerabilities. No longer are mobile devices limited to cell phones, tablets, and laptops. Now there are wearable mobile devices that contain information like user location. These devices are made to work seamlessly with each other. If one is corrupted, how secure are the others?

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This is something that we shall continue to explore in the years to come. If you’re interested in submitting your paper for next’s year’s conference, stay tuned for future announcements for topics and proper formatting.

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