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3 Ways in Finding the Best Tech Talent

It is innovation that drives technology forward, and for this to happen, enough resources must be available. Any tech company has one invaluable resource that stimulates growth, and these are the employees. However, in most cases, finding the best candidate for available positions is really challenging.

And it becomes even more of a challenge when it’s someone who possesses some tech talent that you’re looking for. But even if it’s hard, you need to do what it takes to find the best candidates to fill the vacant positions in your company or business. People who can drive growth and eventually success!

Accomplishing this is easy if you got the right approach. Yes! You can be sure of the quality of people that are in your candidate pool when you adopt certain processes in screening the applicants. Talent is important when it comes to recruiting someone for an open tech position and we’ve listed 3 ways on how you can lure and eventually hire the best tech talent out there.

Study the Costs and Outcomes

If you are to find the best candidate out of a pool of seemingly top talents, you need to do more than just telling everyone about your company’s reputation and prestige. Doing that is important but it does not guarantee that you’re going to lure the top tech talents out there. You should be willing to put in extra effort towards finding the right people.

Look at every candidate as a form of investment and be ready to improve cost in sourcing candidates that are highly-qualified. An improved sourcing cost results in an improved quality of workers. This approach is proven to lower your turnover rates.

Take Advantage of Automated Screening

Recruiting for a crucial tech position in your company requires that you set up a screening process that will identify the people who really possess the needed abilities, skills and experiences fit for the job. Oftentimes, there’s going to be a limited time for training so be sure to pick candidates that are ready to hit the ground running right after being hired if possible.

This is where an automated screening process can be applied. Give some quizzes and tests in an online application process so you can assess the skill set that each applicant possesses and find out if they are really fit for the job. By doing this, you’re eliminating those who are not qualified without spending precious time going over their applications.

Give Attention to Both Soft and Hard Skills

The screening stage mentioned above is a good way to ensure that the talent pool which remains for the final step are those that really possess the needed skills and talents to succeed in the tech position. But you need to remember that it’s not just the hard skills that matter especially when you’re looking for someone to fill in the void in your tech workforce.

Look for candidates who also possess the soft skills that are essential in the workplace. Those who can contribute to the company’s work culture. Soft skills like interpersonal aptitude, communication, and problem-solving are good ones that you need to cultivate and the best way to start it is by hiring people who already have them. Soft skills are as important as hard skills when you’re hiring for a tech position.


Sourcing and recruitment require a significant amount of time but when the right strategies are applied, you can minimize the time spent on the overall process while maximizing its efficiency. A company’s success is highly dependent on the quality of the staff it hired so be sure to establish an excellent recruitment and screening process so you can find the cream of the crop from every talent pool that you get the chance of picking candidates from.

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