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4 Awesome Features Found in Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 is loaded with standard features just like its tight competitors in the market. From apps that will help organize your life and those that can enhance your digital life, this phone is capable of handling them all like breeze.

However, there’s more to Galaxy Note 8 than what meets the eye. It’s got more advanced features that are ready to surprise you. Most of these features add value to the phone itself without being too complicated to use or even find.

And if you do your homework and really practice using the features consistently, you’ll see that it integrates well into your daily routines and even your life. We’ve listed 4 of these features below but before reading through each one of them, be sure that you have your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 on your hand to start trying out each feature as you go over each of them. Let’s go to the first one:

Meet Bixby: Samsung’s Personal Assistant

Different smartphone and mobile operating system brands have their own personal assistant and Samsung, of course, won’t lag behind its competitors. The company has introduced Bixby in Galaxy Note 8 and claims that it has some functions unique from those that are already found in other personal assistants on other phone and mobile operating system brands.

One feature allows you to know more about the images captured through Galaxy Note 8’s camera. This includes texts written in foreign languages, landmarks and even of wine bottles. Just open the camera app, allow it to scan a particular image then hit the “Bixby” button and you will instantly hear more information about the item or place that’s been captured.

If it’s a text written in other languages then Bixby will translate it into English for you. The personal assistant is also capable of doing all the other standard functions that its competitors can do like sending SMS, calling a contact, taking down notes when you instruct it to and even answer trivia questions on history and popular personalities.

Capture Good Quality Selfies With the Floating Camera Feature

Capturing the perfect selfie can be a challenge if your hands are shaky or you’re struggling to get a good grip of your device. But if you’re using Galaxy Note 8, you don’t have to feel stressed about it because there’s the floating camera button that’s going to come to your aid.

The feature allows you to do some customizing on the camera app screen so it adjusts to the position of your hands. To access it, simply open the Camera app, hit the Settings icon then toggle the floating camera option to the “On” position. After doing so, you can go back to the camera screen and move the camera shutter button to any position on the screen so you can easily press it.

And not just that, Galaxy Note 8’s camera is also equipped with modes that help brighten objects and an autofocus feature to help you capture better pictures every time! In order to take full advantage of the features that the phone has, it’s recommended that you get a carrier that is capable of providing reliable service. T-Mobile’s Galaxy Note 8 offer is a good one to consider purchasing especially that this carrier has been recognized as the one that provides the fastest connectivity speeds by OpenSource.

Tablet Like Usage With the S Pen

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is not like the other smartphones out there that have their stylus pens attached clunkily on the side or anywhere around depending on the brand and design. Note 8 is unique because of its dedicated slot at the bottom where the stylus can rest when not used. And when you feel like you need it, you’ll enjoy smoother control through the screen allowing you to select things easily from any menu.

Samsung’s stylus is called the S Pen and it comes in different color variants. Its slim top also makes it efficient for selecting smaller items on the screen and even allows you to get more detailed in your sketches. Underlining and circling particular words or items is also easier. It’s really like using a sketchbook especially when you’re in the mood of getting creative. The only difference is that you don’t have pages to flip over and protect from being damaged or torn and you won’t need a bag to put all your artwork stuff into.

Edge Panels Helps Make Things Simpler

Note 8’s Edge panel allows you to get quick access to the apps the other stuff that you often use. It works basically the same in former Samsung models but the difference is that the one in Galaxy Note 8 is capable of expanding to give you up to three panels where you can load shortcuts into. The apps and stuff that you put in each panel can then be arranged from the frequently used to the less used ones. Simply access the Edge panel then hit the three dot button in order to view more options. From the options, just hit “Re-order” and choose your preference in arranging the stuff stored inside the panels.

Exploring is the Key

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 still has even more features for you to discover and we will leave the exploring to you. As you get a good grip of your new phone, you’ll see that there are surprising features in it which are not found in other brands. Make your Galaxy Note 8 more useful by knowing every feature that it has to offer.

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