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4 New Trends In Software Development That You Need To Watch Out For

As technology advances, other industries also follow. One of these industries that have undergone much growth is software development. Hardware can never function as it is intended to without the needed software installed in it. And with all the new ideas and concepts that come out, coping-up with new trends becomes a challenge.

Below are the latest trends in software development that are shaping the future of the industry and they’re sure to have some impact on end users like you too.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence better known as AI is a fast-growing trend that has a tremendous scope of application across different industries. From businesses, academics and even in individual users. AI has been around for quite some time and has been improving player experience in games like chess and user experience in different applications like the search suggestions that come out whenever you look-up a term using Google.

With the increasing computer technology that’s now making its way to different devices, AI is moving on a direction towards progress and growth in terms of its application and use.

Risks Mitigated Through Software Escrow Services

Software escrow services make the safekeeping of source codes owned by companies possible. In the past, file repositories like GitHub gave space for software- including the ones critical to your business operations- to be stored in them but this vital stuff often ended up being to others. It was also under the risk of getting corrupted and being altered by unauthorized entities gaining free access to them.

With software escrow service, your crucial stuff is going to be in safe hands. Most of these services require you to open an account and all the source codes and proprietary software that you’re going to save in that account will be protected against unauthorized access. You can, of course, provide access to authorized people by giving them the needed credentials to open your account.

As more and more people demand the services like software escrow in an effort to protect what’s rightfully theirs, this trend is just going to grow bigger as the years pass.


Chatbots are becoming a good alternative to the traditional customer support which required hiring people to work round-the-clock answering customer queries and solving their issues. And as they become cheaper to deploy and easier to develop, they’re going to become even more mainstream in the coming years. Other uses of chatbots include sales conversion, lead generation and even product advertising and promotion.

Platforms Offered as a Service

The problems with software piracy and even with updates and security has been solved when developers and big software companies started offering different operating system platforms as a type of service instead of selling them in different versions. Doing this enables software developers to continuously work on an environment instead of shifting from one to the other thinking for improvements and innovations on the next one that’s soon to be released.

Red Hat’s OpenShift and Google’s App Engine are examples of platforms as a service or PaaS as it is popularly known. A similar variant called IaaS or Infrastructure as a Service is also growing in popularity and quickly replacing on premise networking tools and software, making them almost obsolete.


Software development and the tools, services, and applications that come as a result of its growth and progress are going to become the next big thing in technology. In fact, it can even drive technology further into every aspect of human life. Most of the things listed above are still in their early stages and all we can do for now is speculate especially when it comes to their future uses.

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