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5 Technologies to Combat the Flu in 2018

Now that it’s the peak of cold and flu season, it’s time to fight the common cold, starting with your home.

We have all heard the sage advice of washing your hands and covering your mouth when you sneeze or a cough. Doctor’s repeatedly mention the flu vaccine as the first line of defense. However, if you’re looking for a do it yourself approach to fighting the flu, below are five ways to fight the flu with technology.

5 Ways to Combat the Flu

1. Humidity

warm mist humidifier - 5 Technologies to Combat the Flu in 2018

In the Winter, temperature and humidity are often reduced by as much as ten percent. Often people will spend more of their time indoors, which contributes even more to the spreading of the flu. The latest literature suggests that low humidity levels can help with the survival of viruses.

If you own a humidifier or hygrometer, these devices often can monitor relative humidity in a surrounding area. An optimal relative humidity is around forty to sixty percent. With humidity kept at this level, survival of the flu virus can be reduced by up to thirty percent!

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends using a warm mist humidifier, there are several options on Homefaith. Use it during the winter months in order to relieve a congested chest and cough.

2. Ultraviolet Lamps

How can light possibly kill bacteria? UV lamps have proven to inactivate microorganisms like the cold and flu virus. If you work in a home office or have items that you repeatedly touch, then consider using a UV lamp.

Simply take your lamp and spread the light over the surface of the area you want to clean for the recommended amount of time. Consider using this item on devices like keyboards, mouse, remotes, and mobile phones.

With that said, the flu virus can also be airborne and unfortunately, a UV Lamp can’t help in that regard. Luckily items like air purifiers exist.

3. Air Purification

It is essential that you consider the air that you breathe in your home. The flu virus can be airborne and when you’re sick, your coughing and sneezing will spread these germs quite easily.
Invest in an air purifier in the areas that you frequent the most. Look for purifiers that are rated with a HEPA filtration as most Doctor’s will recommend this as a defense against air-borne viruses.
HEPA filters can remove the smallest micro-organisms in the air and eliminate germs that contain cold and flu viruses. They also remove irritants like dust, pollen, mold, hair, and smoke. These aggravate allergies and your sickness making things even worse for you.

4. Clean Surfaces

cleaning 600x365 - 5 Technologies to Combat the Flu in 2018

This is likely the most common thing people think of when cleaning their house. Consider a using a vacuum with a HEPA filter on your carpets. Use disinfecting wipes on kitchen counters, as well as end tables and various surfaces you touch.

Look for wipes that are made for removing cold and flu viruses. It is important to note that the process of wiping down surfaces like your kitchen and bathroom does not eliminate or kill the viruses. They simply reduce the number of microorganisms that occur on these surfaces.

5. Washing Bedding and Clothes

The flu virus is known to last several hours on porous surfaces like clothing, towels, sheets, and blankets. These items can all be washed together but it’s important that they are washed at the same time.

The items to wash after being sick are as follows: towels, clothing, and bedding. Use hot water and then wash your hands after putting them in the washer each time.

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