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Consider These 5 Things Before Buying a Wireless Speaker

Wireless technology has transformed the world in which we live in and made it better in many ways. And it’s continuing to make more improvements paving the way to newer inventions that are all aimed towards improving live as we know it.

One of the things that have been dominated by wireless technology like Bluetooth, for instance, are multimedia speakers. But with all the brands and models that are available out there, how do you know which one’s the best?

In this article, we’re going to give you 5 things that you need to consider and use as a checklist when you decide to buy one.

1. Decent Volume

In the past, the size of speakers gave people the idea of how loud it is. But that’s not the case today. In our age where portability is given much more weight than anything else, size is no longer a primary identifying factor of how loud a speaker can go. Achieving the balance between volume and size is therefore important. Achieving isn’t easy but with the technology that we have today, it’s already possible!

Speakers now have “bi-amplification”, a technology which assigns an amplifier for every driver in order to produce a louder sound with high quality. Modern wireless portable speakers area also made to deliver high efficiency with low energy requirement so it can cater to the heavy demands of every material needing to be played.

2. Unbroken and Stable Connection

Given its wireless method of connecting with different devices, people choose Bluetooth speakers because of the simplicity and convenience that they provide. But this wireless connection needs to be stable. No one would like a choppy music or their Bluetooth connection breaking frequently.

If your device has NFC (Near Field Communication), it would be best to choose a Bluetooth speaker that also supports the same technology. High-definition audio codecs like AAC and aptX would also ensure a great quality of sound for you to enjoy. These technologies can produce sound quality the same as that of a wired audio connection.

AAC means Advanced Audio Coding and is the default format for audio files in the iTunes software and as well as devices like iPod and iPhone. Its method of compressing data is way better than MP3. AAC is capable of rendering high frequencies from the human voice and musical instruments. The result is a better sound quality.

On the other hand, aptX is a system of reducing data that is capable of compressing liner audio samples on a real-time basis. Data is compressed on a 4:1 factor resulting in delay being reduced to a minimum and little to no delay in audio.

3. Battery Life and Capacity

Choose a wireless speaker that features a large battery capacity without making its form larger. Having a speaker that goes off in the middle of a road trip or when a party just got started is really disappointing. So be sure to choose one that has a Lithium-ion battery in it so you can enjoy music longer when you really need it.

4. Extra Features

Look for a wireless speaker that contains features which you can use for the kind of lifestyle that you have. This ensures that you’re getting the value of what you have invested in purchasing it. For example, you can get a speaker that allows taking calls whenever it is paired with your phone then resume playing music after the call ends.

There are also those that feature a large battery capacity and doubles as a power bank. Having one with this feature will ensure long music playtime while giving you power-on-demand for your other devices.

5. Quality of Sound

The features and qualities listed above are essential but this last one probably is the most important. You are purchasing a speaker to enjoy good sound so definitely choose one that offers great sound quality. It must be able to render sounds in their most accurate state if possible. A speaker that has good treble, bass and even adjustments for these aspects of sound is a good one.


With the plethora of wireless speaker brands out there taking different shapes, sizes and price, it would be hard to choose the best one if you don’t have an idea on the qualities and features to look for. Use the list above and create a checklist adding portability, technology, looks and above all the price into it so you can select the best wireless speaker and get the full value of the money you’re going to invest in buying one.

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