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Installing a Home Theater System In Your Home

These days, everyone loves movies. Nowhere is that more apparent than at the box office, where every evening crowds hustle to get tickets and theaters charge ever-increasing amounts for the pleasure of getting the first viewing of one of the newest releases. Ticket prices have increased steadily as the demand for tickets has also increased. Theaters know that because so many people want to see the newest releases, they can almost charge an arm and a leg. This article will tell you how you can set up a surround sound system in your home so that you can have relaxing nights in and avoid having to pay the overbearing ticket prices again and again.

Have the Right Room? Get Started!

If you have a room that you use for entertainment anyway, or it’s empty, this will be a perfect area for your home theater. The first thing you’ll want to do is make sure you’ve invested in the right window coverings. One of the signature features of theaters is how dark they are. This lessens the degree to which there’s glare on the screen and outside distractions. This also creates a relaxing atmosphere wherein you can tune out and focus on the action, drama, or comedy that’s happening on your screen.

home theater - Installing a Home Theater System In Your Home

Proper Seating Options

Many people have different ideas of what type of seating is best for home theaters. Some are fans of large beanbags, which can be comfortable and relaxing. Some people prefer to sit more upright. These people would rather sit in a chair or on a nice sofa. Recliners are some of the best options for home theaters. You can find many models with comfortable cushioning as well as drink holders. If your screen is a bit close to your seating, creating a space where recliners can make it easier to have a good angle on your screen will make looking at the movie less of a strain on your neck.

Figuring Out Your Screen

Screens for home theaters are usually projectors, but sometimes can be a large-screen television. Projectors are handy because their resolution and size of the image can be adjusted to fit whatever surface you’re projecting onto. Most projectors do best with a pull-down screen that will be attached to the ceiling directly above the wall where you’ll then anchor the base of the screen. The downside to projectors is that you may need to mount them at a certain distance on a wall or the ceiling behind the seating. If your seating isn’t low enough, the image will be blocked by the seating’s silhouettes.

home theater 2 - Installing a Home Theater System In Your Home

Sound Systems and Finishing Touches

A good sound system is one of the things that will make a home theater system stand out as an excellent way to spend your evening. Besides having a larger screen on which to watch films, getting the full experience of a surround sound system, will make you feel like there’s action going on all around your seat. Surround sound refers to sound systems that have specific channels assigned to speakers that are placed around a room. Sound for films is engineered so that if surround sound is active, the music and effects will have more depth and will occur at different points relative to the person viewing the film. This makes films feel more interactive and real, providing an experience that will heighten tension and keep you guessing about what’s going to happen next. You can get wired or wireless speakers, depending on how you are going to put your room together.

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