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Useful Resource Links

With the technological world rapidly shifting and evolving, it can often feel like being lost at sea. At such times, it is best to have something reliable to keep you grounded. As such, we’re sharing with you our go-to resources for mobile security discussions and news.

IEEE Newsroom

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) has always been a champion in the field of mobile security. Founded in 1884 and formalized in 1963, this is an organization of engineers and scientists that have dedicated their entire careers into the development and evolution of our mobile technology.

If you were ever looking for something with a ton of additional resources, this is the place to go.

Security Intelligence

Powered by IBM, this is one of the best resources to consult for the latest security news in the industry. They regularly publish articles regarding the most recent technological discoveries and vulnerabilities of mobile devices and networks.

They’re also a good place to check out the latest webinars that are pretty comprehensive. If you’ve ever been interested in picking up more tips and tricks regarding fraud protection and data protection, this resource is for you.