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Our Brand New Wearable Technology: What Safety Pitfalls Exist In Your Device?

You would be hard pressed to find anyone who does not at least know of wearable technology. Today, we take a look at what security pitfalls exist within these wearable devices.

What is wearable technology?

We said it may be hard-pressed to find anyone who may not know of the concept. However, in the interest of the discussion, allow us to further clarify what is meant by wearable technology. These are also called “wearable gadgets”. You’ve probably seen a smart watch by Apple or Android Wear. These are classified under wearable technology.

The ones that permeate the market the most are fitness trackers. Sales of wearable electronic devices have spiked since 2015. More and more manufacturers are trying to break into the market even as we speak. However, what are the potential vulnerabilities and risks of using a wearable device?

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Too easy to access

One of the main concerns about wearable gadgets is the fact that there is very little form of access limitation. There is no code or PIN needed to access the information stored within. So if you ever have your smart watch stolen, the thief does not need to get past an access code to get your details.

No encryption of data

The main appeal of a wearable device is that data can be transferred from the device to a larger computer system. However, it is precisely this that can be the source of trouble. While the date is transferring, it is not encrypted. So anyone who is able to do so can intercept the information and all the data would be plain to see.

As wearable technology can be used to conduct purchases, communication, and many other things, the data stored and being transferred is quite valuable to identity brokers in the black market.

Database vulnerability

Apps collect information about their end users. The logic behind this is that they use this data to further streamline the service they provide. All the data is stored in their database. Now, if someone were to target the database, there is a whole lot of information present that could be quite damaging.

Wearable devices often have a location tracker. Hackers and criminal can make use of this to determine the user’s location and take advantage of it.

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Wearable technology is here to stay

There is no denying the sheer convenience of wearable technology. Developers are now aspiring to make use of wearable tech to provide better services in the field of healthcare. Hardware and software developers predict that wearable gadgets will be standard tools for law enforcement and medicine.

Some even say that they are looking into implantable technology. That opens a new can of worms entirely. While wearable tech does help improving the quality of life of its users, developers need to step up with regard to the mobile security of the gadget and the database.

Do you have a wearable device? Let us know if you’ve ever experienced any security risks. It always pays to be informed.

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