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Top 3 Reasons To Enroll For a Degree in Computer Science

Technology is taking no other direction but forward. It does so by taking leaps instead of small steps. In the past decade alone, technology has transformed industries and it even changed the way we do certain things. Because of the impact that it has on our modern world, more and more people are now choosing to take a degree that is connected to I.T. and eventually land a job that’s directly related to technology.

There are those who are talented, tech-savvy and brave enough who choose to learn I.T. relevant skills on their own but if you’re not confident of taking this path and if you really want a stable career in this field then you’ll need to study it in-depth by enrolling at a university. And when you’ve finally completed the program, you’ll be able to get the most precious piece of paper that will help you be noticed by employers by the time you start applying for jobs.

However, that’s just one of the several reasons why you need to choose a course in I.T. and computer science once you enter college, there are many more that you need to be mindful about and below, we’re going to give you the top three on the list!

1. I.T. is Continually Growing Producing Plenty of Opportunities in the Process

If it’s great career prospects that you’re looking for then I.T. is one of the industries out there that has plenty of it. You can choose from a variety of specializations like artificial intelligence, big data, programming, web systems, security, app development, digital media, games, cloud computing, mobile computing and a lot more!

Computer science sits on top of all these because the industry to which it belongs to continues to grow. And as businesses and companies adopt technology into their firms and establishments, they’re continually looking for people who possess the skills and talents in these areas to become part of their workforce.

After graduating, students who took computer science and other I.T. related courses can easily find a full-time job and enjoy higher starting pays when compared to those who graduated from other courses. The number of companies and businesses looking for people who have a background in I.T. only increases by the day while the people who possess the needed knowledge and skill are usually very few.

That’s something that significantly increases the chances of you getting hired almost instantly for the job you applied for. Job security is going to increase as well because of the 12 to 37 percent increase in demand for information technology and computer science roles in the next 4 years or so according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Moreover, qualified computer science graduates also have plenty of choices in terms of the job that they want to apply for. And with all the plethora of industries needing such skills that you possess, you can have the freedom of choice to work for private companies, government agencies or even choose to work in another state or country. You won’t grow old and eventually retire with the same kind of job or in the same company since there are plenty of opportunities out there waiting for you.

2. It’s a Good Prerequisite Skill for Entrepreneurship

If you’ve always dreamed of becoming your own boss then a degree in computer science is a great prerequisite for you to become successful in this less traveled path. In fact, some of the most successful companies out there are those that belong to the computer and information technology niche.

Big names such as Netflix, Snapchat, Twitter, Airbnb, Tinder, Instagram, Lyft, Fitbit, Atlassian, Spotify, Hulu, Dropbox, Square and many others all operate under the umbrella of information technology and computing encompassing fields such as mobile apps, cloud computing, IoT, networking, gaming, software, crowdfunding and a lot more.

In the tech-driven world that we live in today, having a background in I.T. and computer science is an invaluable asset especially with the skills and knowledge that come along with it. With the right attitude and determination, these things can launch you towards success in the business that you’ve been dreaming of. Being fully equipped in these fields, you can start by designing products or developing programs and software that can help streamline tasks in business, provide great customer support or even those that can aid in cutting costs in operations. Create things that you can sell or offer as a service which other businesses and companies can benefit from.

3. It Helps Develop Skills in Creativity and Problem-Solving

The skills in creativity and problem-solving that you gained from studying computer science in college will be very useful as you move on to the next chapter of your life. They are invaluable assets that can aid even with the challenges that you’ll be experiencing in your personal life. Studying a course that in computing and information technology and landing on a job in these fields can hone your skills even more.

Innovation, resourcefulness, and logic will also be developed within you which you can use in different aspects of life. Studying computer science isn’t just about programming and software development, it’s about logic, problem-solving, creativity and innovation and most of the time, it needs plenty of experimentation. With all these skills being developed, you will eventually become a better version of yourself in every aspect of life.


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